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Dr. Luger and his staff are wonderful. Very professional and always on time. I have recommended friends and family members and they have all seen great results. I highly recommend Dr. Luger as your family dentist.:-)


Dr. Luger is an excellent dentist. His work is outstanding. I have visited many different dentist in the past and he is a the top of my list. My most recent work is a crown and I am extremely satisfied with his work and looking forward to completing my front teeth crowns soon.


Cleanest office, gentle touch. The minute you walk in to his offices, you know you are getting the best services. Beautiful high tech. Dr. Luger is the coolest guy in town and the best dentist. His staff is super nice. He keeps you calm. Long time experience.


I never thought I’d be talking good things about a dentist because up until now, all the other dentist were horrible and unprofessional but …..Dr. Mark Luger and his staff….WOW!!!! What a difference!

I had gone before to get a cleaning/checkup and noticed everyone is so nice and professional. It’s also a good sign when the staff speak so highly of the Dentist. The dentist, Dr. Lugar was very calm and explained everything to me that needed to be done. He didn’t freak me out or scare me which has been done before. He just explained everything-Step by secrets or hidden agendas. I felt calm and relaxed (a first at the dentist)

So I had my first surgical procedure yesterday. He had to remove a broken tooth/nerve and place some bone graph in there for a new crown later. Dr. Luger talked me through the entire thing beforehand, he told me what I would expect and then did the procedure with calmness and professionalism with his assistant. I didn’t feel anything during and even though I have some discomfort now, which is expected…. I am totally happy with the results and I credit Dr. Lugar and staff. They were awesome!

I look forward on going back (another thing I never thought I would say about a dentist) and getting more work done to complete my perfect smile! :-) Highly Recommend!!!


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